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West Plains Occupational & Insurance Physicals

West Plains Occupational has a wide range of services offering many advantages to your business and school. Drug testing is available to everyone and no appointment is necessary. 


  • DOT Drug Testing
  • Non-DOT Drug Testing (K2/Spice testing now available)
  • Hair Drug Testing
  • Escreen Drug Testing
  • DNA Testing
  • Audiometric (Hearing) Testing with Booth
  • Random Programs
  • On-Site Services
  • 24-Hour Emergency Collection Services

We have six certified drug screen collectors that are also certified Breath Alcohol Technicians. There is no appointment needed for drug screening or breath alcohol testing. Calls from companies informing us that they are sending a person for a drug screen is appreciated. We go on location to many schools and businesses to collect the specimens saving money for the customer by eliminating travel time to and from the collection site. Call to check out this special service today!

Hair Testing is the best defense for a company to ensure that they are not hiring a substance abuser. Adding pre-employment hair drug testing to your drug testing program provides your organization with unparalleled protection. Hair Testing can examine up to a 90 day window of past drug use. Drug users typically will not discontinue their drug habit for a 3 month period in order to pass a post-offer hair drug test.

Escreen is a special service to our customers that want non-DOT drug screen results FAST by computer. When time is of the essence Escreen is an excellent choice.

Judy L. Ingalsbe LPN is a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist and conducts hearing test in a booth for area industries and companies that follow under OSHA Noise Standard guidelines.


  • Post Offer Physicals
  • DOT Physicals
  • Bus Driver Physicals
  • School Cook Physicals
  • Student Sports Physicals
  • Insurance Exams

We have a physician/nurse practitioner that come to our office two mornings a week to complete our physicals. Dr. Art Bentley and Paul Burris FNP are certified Medical Examiners and listed on FMCSA's National Registry to complete DOT physicals. This requirement went into effect May 21, 2014.

The Insurance Exams are requested by insurance companies/agents and completed by trained paramedical examiners. We currently have six examiners that cover a 65 mile radius around West Plains.


  • FLU Vaccine
  • Hepatitis B Series
  • Tetanus Diphtheria
  • PPD (TB Test)

During the fall, as a service to area businesses and schools, we have nurses that go on location to administer flu vaccines. Call and schedule your business or school today! Dr. Art Bentley is our medical director and oversees our Immunization Clinics.


  • Consortium and Random Program Administration
  • Third Party Administrator (TPA)
  • Background Check Services
  • Supervisors Training

From random selections to collection scheduling to record keeping and mandatory reports, we are able to administer individual and multiparticipant consortiums. For those unable to complete a random drug screen at our location in West Plains, we can assist with finding a location nationwide to better serve our DOT clients.

WPO also offers comprehensive background screening for employers. This is an additional tool that companies can use before making the investment of hiring an employee. It reduces company turnover, exposure to internal theft and/or fraud, provides a safe workplace, and reduces liability.

Mandated by Federal DOT requirement, Supervisor Training allows managers and supervisors to maintain safety and efficiency on the job. Any employee that is designated to supervise drivers must receive 2 hours of training on controlled substance and alcohol misuse. The Supervisor Training deals with the recognition, confrontation, and documentation involved if an employee demonstrates characteristics of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work. The training allows the supervisor to determine whether reasonable suspicion exists and a drug test should be completed. Scheduling is flexible to meet the client's needs.

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